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Conquering Endometriosis Becomes a Family Affair
TCS NY Marathon Team EndoStrong

By William Croyle

The Grobmans knew nothing about endometriosis until five years ago. Now, they are immersed in EndoFound by bringing awareness to the disease and raising money for a cure.

Rachel Grobman, a patient of Dr. Tamer Seckin, has worked in EndoFound’s social media department for nearly four years. Her mother, Jody, serves on the board. Her father, Ricky, is the president of Key Food Stores Co-Operative, which has donated tens of thousands of dollars and pallets of feminine hygiene products toward EndoFound’s mission. And Rachel’s two brothers and other relatives attended the Blossom Ball in 2019 to learn more about her battle.

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EndoFound Team EndoStrong for Sunday TCS New York City Marathon Already Making History

Mark your calendar – November 29 is Giving Tuesday, a global day of generosity that kicks off the holiday giving season! Your generous Giving Tuesday donation will mean the Endometriosis Foundation of America can continue to give hope to people living with endometriosis through life-changing support and resources. 

Watch your email and our social media for more information leading up to #GivingTuesday. Please join us in giving hope by making a life-changing donation and spreading the word by sharing our Giving Tuesday social posts!

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Recap of NYC Marathon
Ceilidh Meagher EndoTV

Ceilidh Meagher is originally from New York's Hudson Valley but lived in Los Angeles and Stockholm for a number of years. She was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2017 and has had 8 surgeries since that time. Ceilidh worked in real estate private equity investing in Los Angeles after attending graduate school at the Stockholm School of Economics. She is currently in law school in New York City, where she lives with her two dogs, Ted and Marshmallow. Ceilidh is an active runner who is also a certified yoga instructor. She enjoys photography, surfing, and spending time with family and friends. Learn more by watching our latest EndoTV!

Team EndoStrong
Ceilidh Meagher EndoTV

The Endometriosis Foundation of America (EndoFound) received a $100,000 donation from Procter and Gamble (P&G) brand Tampax® to expand EndoFound's education programs. These programs include the ENPOWR™ (Endometriosis: Promoting Outreach and Wide Recognition) Project, a school and community-based endometriosis education program, and EndoTV, EndoFound's digital network.

"Thank you to Tampax® for this incredible support of EndoFound's educational program, ENPOWR™. Thank you also to Amy Schumer for reaching out to Tampax® and introducing them to the EndoFound programs. No longer should talk about a woman's period be taboo. Young women, and girls, in particular, need to know that painful periods are not normal and that there is help. Everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive, and those living with endometriosis are no exception. We need to make talking about periods as regular as periods themselves. Then, and only then, can we eliminate societal stigma and build a culture that empowers women," said EndoFound Founder Tamer Seckin, MD.

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UpEndo Capitol Hill Update
Ceilidh Meagher EndoTV

The US House Appropriations Committee has passed their Health and Human Services (HHS) appropriations bill, which covers the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) appropriations bills, which contain provisions that would benefit Endometriosis research and funding.

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