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Endo Awareness Month Events Around the World  

Happy Endometriosis Awareness Month! Endometriosis is challenging for so many reasons, but feeling isolated can be particularly overwhelming. Endometriosis Awareness Month is the chance to grow our support networks, share information, and be open about the battle we fight every day. We've put together a list of virtual events and celebrations happening across the world to ensure that you can come together, learn about the disease, and advocate for patients. If you know of any others, don't hesitate to reach out to writers@endofound.org with a link to the event so we can add it to the calendar.

Endo Awareness Month Events
Six Effective Ways to Be Your Own Endo Advocate

Endo patient and writer Lauren Levine Corriher wrote a guide to being your own best endo advocate this month, and every month. A few tips? Use the internet wisely, take notes, and don’t let embarrassment squash important conversations. “When you begin to serve as your own advocate,” Lauren writes, “it becomes easier to get the answers and support you need to manage your journey as effectively as possible.”

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Mind, Body, & Soul Wellness Challenge: One Week Left!

Want to fundraise for endometriosis advocacy and education, while doing what makes you feel good? There’s still one more week to join the Mind, Body, & Soul Wellness Challenge! You’ll track your wellness activities every day over the course of two weeks, compete for awesome prizes, and fundraise to support individuals with endometriosis. We are thrilled to announce that the top three fundraisers will receive the Body and Face Bundle Gift Set from Turmerica, a woman and endo warrior-owned business!

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Reserve Your Spot: 2021 Global Patient Conference

There’s only two weeks until the 2021 Global Patient Conference: The Path Toward a Cure! Registration is free. The virtual conference (March 19-21) will include presentations by author Jessica Murnane (Finding Your Endo Diet), acupuncturist Lida Ahmady (Helping Your Body Heal), Dr. Mike Armour (Complementary Therapies and Homeopathy), patient stories, and so much more. Check out the full schedule online!

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EndoTV: How to Support a Sexual Assault Survivor
Endofound CHarity Stream

TG: Discussions of sexual assault. If you or someone you know is in need of crisis services, please visit rainn.org to be connected with their 24/7 chat or call (800) 656-HOPE. In this week’s episode of EndoTV, Kimberly Corban talks about being a survivor and ways to support and assist those in need, as well as practices and resources one can use to help them through trauma.

TCS NYC Marathon 2021: Want to Run for Endo Patients?

The TCS 50th Anniversary NYC Marathon is scheduled for November 7th, 2021, and we hope you'll be able to run for endometriosis awareness and advocacy. We know these are extremely uncertain times, so we ask that you please only fill out this form if you are certain about your interest and can commit to fundraise the minimum amount for charities of $3,000 per entry!

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Snag Your March Awareness Apparel!

Snag the gear you need to honor Endometriosis Awareness Month. From hoodies and tees to heatable plushies, the EndoFound Shop is where you can purchase with purpose. 


Do you have a birthday coming up? Celebrate with EndoFound! Click here to set up your Facebook birthday fundraiser. With your help, we can continue working towards increasing endometriosis awareness, education, advocacy, and research. Thank you to everyone across the country who has fundraised in support of endometriosis.

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