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We couldn't let this year slip by without rescheduling our annual medical conference, ReOperative Endometriosis. We're excited to share that the virtual conference featuring endometriosis experts from around the world kicks-off on November 30th, when our pre-recorded presentations will be available to view, and concludes with live Q&A sessions with several of the experts on December 12th and 13th.  

There are still so many questions surrounding disease recurrence and the need for additional surgeries. Bringing together the leading scientific minds to discuss the latest science surrounding the disease leads to more answers. 

Speaking of answers, head over to our website, where our co-founder, Dr. Tamer Seckin, answers your questions submitted at the Virtual Patient Conference in October.  And, don't forget if you missed any of the conference, you can view the presentations online

Lastly, as you plan your holiday giving, save-the-date for #GivingTuesday on December 1st. This year, EndoFound is launching its 200 for $200 for 200 Million fundraiser on #GivingTuesday that will run through December 31st. Any donation you can make during this time, no matter what size, makes a world of difference in the lives of individuals living with endometriosis.

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Margaret Caspler Cianci
Executive Director, EndoFound

Reoperative Endo - Virtual Medical Conference

Save the date for our annual Medical Conference—now virtual! The Annual Medical Conference is in its 11th year and has always been a critical time for expert endometriosis surgeons, researchers, clinicians, and patients to come together to improve endometriosis care across the globe. This year, we’re thrilled to bring you experts from around the world to discuss the pressing question: Why can endometriosis return post-surgery? Registration opens on November 23 and the conference presentations will be available to watch on-demand on November 30. Don’t miss a live Q&A with our speakers to follow on December 12 and 13, included in your registration.

Past Medical Conferences
Padma Lakshmi on the Importance of Kamala Harris’ Election

Our co-founder Padma Lakshmi has played a critical role in paving the road for endometriosis awareness for over ten years and her determination to bring light to the issues that women—especially women of color—face is unparalleled. In her latest op-ed for the New York Times, Padma powerfully writes about the impact that the first woman of color vice president will have on future generations. “For me and other girls and women of color,” Padma writes, “Ms. Harris embodies an opposite message: You do belong here, her life says, and you obviously can achieve absolutely anything.”

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Does Endo Return Post Surgery?

During the Patient Conference last month, you asked critical and urgent questions—we want to ensure that we answer as many as possible. That’s why we launched the Q&A with Endo Experts, moderated by Diana Falzone. First up: Dr. Tamer Seckin, who addresses whether endometriosis can come back after excision surgery, endo and perimenopause, the effect of infertility treatments on endo patients, and more. Have more questions for endo experts like Dr. Seckin? Be sure to share on this google form and we’ll add it to the docket. 

Monthly Q&A
Introducing the EndoFound Shop

The EndoFound Shop is now open! This digital store provides a platform for shop owners to connect with our community and give back to the cause. Proceeds go towards supporting our programs, including the Medical Conference, Patient Conference, Period Now, and our school education program, ENPOWR. Ranging from heated teddy bears to endometriosis awareness bracelets, the products in the shop aim to support endometriosis patients. Make an impact with your holiday giving and shop EndoFound.

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Giving Tuesday: Make an Impact

On this GivingTuesday we are launching our 200 for $200 campaign for the month of December! Will you join the fight? What does $200 help Endofound accomplish? It helps make breakthroughs happen and funds research to treat and someday cure endometriosis. Can we count on YOU to be one of our 200? Create your own fundraiser via this link today.

Join the Fight
EndoNews: How Satisfied Were Patients Post-Surgery?

Over on EndoNews, a study concerning patients’ satisfaction with surgery was published in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology. Misal et al., from the Department of Gynecology, Mayo Clinic, Arizona calculated the postoperative contentment of patients by applying multiple questionnaires. 62.7% of endometriosis patients reported currently feeling much better than before after the surgery while 7.3% of them suffered the worsening of their symptoms.

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Support Endo With Amazon

If you’re shopping on Amazon this holiday season, consider using Amazon Smile to support EndoFound. When you select us as your charity, we receive a .5% donation from all qualifying purchases. These donations have a significant impact in funding our programs and getting individuals with endometriosis the care they deserve. Remember to login at smile.amazon every time you make a purchase to donate. Learn more at this link.

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