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Thank you for sharing your tips in the Endo Tip Jar. Your suggestions were so helpful, and we’re excited to share them with you each week. Missed sharing your tip? You can still share in the Endo Tip Jar.

This week we’re announcing our End Endo 5K fundraiser to raise $25,000. Whether you walk, run, bike, hike, or swim, you can raise critical funds to benefit endometriosis research, advocacy, and education.

We are also featuring a new researcher spotlight, Les Henderson’s endoQueer support group, and Francis Rojina’s inspiring story of how she started a petition to demand endometriosis education in Oregon.

Also be sure to join our Wellness Workshop this Saturday: Astro Yoga with Paula!

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Endo Tip of the Week:
Heating Pads

Before attempting new treatments, please consult your doctor to ensure your management plan fits your case.

Heat can often provide comfort and relief for endometriosis pain and is widely viewed as one of the best home remedies. To help relax cramping, take a warm bath or place a heating pad on your abdomen. Thank you to Alexandra M. from Fargo, Danielle S. from New York, Desiree A. from Huber Heights, Annie B. from Houston, and Carrie L. from Philadelphia for the recommendation! Alexandra M. adds, “get a heating pad that is cute. I personally use a microwavable stuffed cow from Intelex Warmies. It's a nice silver lining to the situation and helps lighten my mood.”

Get Moving to End Endo! Announcing Our 5K Fundraiser

Sign up today to join Team EndoFound for the End Endo 5K on August 22nd and 23rd! Find your own 5K course (3.1 miles) to walk, run, hike, bike, swim or even dance to End Endo. It could be your neighborhood, a park, a pool, or even a treadmill. Endometriosis care has been critically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and your support is more important than ever. Together, let’s raise enough money to get the research we need for a cure. Learn more about Team EndoFound and the impact your fundraising will have today.

Join the End Endo 5K
How Francis Rojina is Fighting for Menstrual Health Education

After years of misdiagnoses and ER visits, Francis Rojina, a graduate student in public health, is on a mission to arm young people with proper education on menstrual disorders. Inspired by EndoFound’s recent legislative success in menstruation education, Francis launched a petition urging Oregon school curriculums to include education on menstrual disorders. The bill also aims to equip healthcare practitioners throughout Oregon with educational materials on menstrual disorders. Thank you, Francis, for your dedicated work and for sharing your powerful story.

Read Francis’ Story!
A Support Group for the LGBTQIA Endo Community

“I started endoQueer because the other endo groups I encountered were okay but very heteronormative,” founder Les Henderson says. “I wanted to have a space with other lgbtqia+ individuals going through endometriosis where on some levels we could understand each other.” endoQueer also recently launched its Mighty Network, which enables easy and supportive communication as well as private breakout groups. Check out endoQueer and other resources for LGBTQIA individuals with endometriosis today!

EndoFound's LGBTQIA Resource Hub
Research Spotlight: Why Progesterone Therapies Vary in Patients

In our latest research spotlight, we spoke with Dr. Hugh Taylor and Dr. Valerie Flores at the Yale School of Medicine, whose research focuses on understanding why progesterone-based therapies have varying results in endometriosis patients. By applying progesterone receptor testing, medical professionals are able to understand which patients will respond to progesterone therapy, thereby ensuring treatment will be effective from the outset. Thank you Drs. Taylor and Flores’ for your critical research which will help endometriosis patients get the treatment they need.

Learn More About EndoFound's Reseach
Astro Yoga Flow with Paula Pavlova

Come ready to play and recharge this weekend for our first free Wellness Workshop on Facebook and Instagram Live! For a revitalizing start to your weekend, Paula Pavlova will be leading Astro Yoga Flow on Saturday, July 25th at 11:00 AM ET. In this class, you will move, breathe, and flow with the rhythms of the universe. Spread the word!

Learn More!
Birthday Fundraiser Spotlight: Lexi Locke

Lexi Locke was diagnosed with endo in 2017 but is still waiting to schedule an appointment with a specialist for proper care. This past year, she held a birthday fundraiser for EndoFound in order to increase research and awareness about the disease. As she shares in her video, so many friends of hers had never heard of endometriosis before. Thank you, Lexi for your support! And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for new videos.

Watch Why Lexi Raised Money for Endo
To create your own birthday fundraiser, you can follow this link to EndoFound’s Facebook today! From birthday fundraisers on Facebook to running 5Ks, you make it happen. With your help, we can continue working towards increasing endometriosis awareness, education, advocacy, and research. Thank you to everyone across the country who has fundraised in support of endometriosis!

Follow the EndoFound on social media and be the first to hear about new research, program updates, or different ways to get involved. Our platforms provide a safe and supportive environment to connect people from around the world. Please visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and give us any feedback you may have by commenting on our posts or direct messaging us!

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