The holidays are near, and we're filled with cheer: our 2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar will soon be here! Vendors can sell, and shoppers can scoop up exclusive gifts—all for a good cause! Plus, how can you tell whether or not you've found the right endometriosis specialist? Our Ask Harry columnist shares ten telltale signs. What's the risk of having endometriosis and breast cancer? Our reporter investigates. And Tia Mowry-Hardrict speaks out against the silence surrounding endometriosis in black communities. Happy reading!
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November 2018

Lara Oshon 

Los Angeles, Calif.


Acrylic on canvas


As its name suggests, artist Lara Oshon's painting, Genesis, took form long before she swept her paintbrush across its canvas. "I dealt with cruel and debilitating pain from Stage IV Endometriosis for over 30 years," confesses Oshon, 41. She eventually had excision surgery with an Atlanta-area endometriosis specialist, but not before being coaxed into the procedure by a dear acupuncturist. "This painting is now on display in her acupuncture practice for women in LA. It's about allowing miracles, new beginnings and birthing your true self. My experience of endo influenced every aspect of my life and often left me feeling very alone and hopeless. This painting represents the light in the midst of any experience, even one as painful as endo."

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Ask Harry: Top Ten Signs you Need a new Endometriosis Specialist
Ask Harry: Top Ten Signs you Need a new Endometriosis Specialist
How do you find an endometriosis specialist who will give you proper treatment? Here's my checklist
Double Trouble: Breast Cancer and Endometriosis
Double Trouble: Breast Cancer and Endometriosis
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Is there a link between breast cancer and endometriosis? While researchers still don't have a definitive answer, one graphic designer shares her story of fighting both
Tia Mowry Addresses Silence Surrounding Black Women and Endometriosis
Tia Mowry Addresses Silence Surrounding Black Women and Endometriosis
As Black women, we're particularly at risk for endometriosis, says Tia Mowry-Hardrict, yet so many of us don't even know what this condition is.
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EndoFound's 2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar is Near!
Team EndoFound Women <br> To Run TCS New York City Marathon
Team EndoFound Women To Run TCS New York City Marathon
Endometriosis won't stop these determined women from tackling 26.2 miles of NYC's five boroughs

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