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Powerful, Emotive, & Exemplary: Did You Miss the UpEndo Congressional Briefing?

Tuesday’s Congressional briefing was powerful, emotive, and an exemplary call to action for the public and congress to “UpEndo” by increasing research funds and awareness for the debilitating disease that continues to affect so many people. The leading voices on endometriosis awareness shared their powerful, personal journeys, as well as opportunities to make a difference in endometriosis advocacy on Capitol Hill. Thank you to our participants, who have been hard at work fighting for a better quality of life for endometriosis patients everywhere. We have so much work to do—start by listening to these inspiring change makers and use your voices to make a difference!

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Thank You For Fighting for People with Endo!

Sometimes there’s no better way to say something than to say it simply, so on behalf of people with endometriosis... thank you! This year, Giving Tuesday gifts to EndoFound totaled more than $15,000.00 And this amount was matched by Northwell Health, meaning your impact was doubled! We are beyond grateful. We know our work would not be possible without supporters like you. This December, we’ll be sharing the stories of people who fight endometriosis daily. While these stories may hit too close to home for some, I hope you also will be inspired by the resilience and strength which you, through your support, help make possible.

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How’s Endo Research Going?

Alice Broster takes a look at groundbreaking research on endometriosis being conducted all over the world. As Dr. Dan Martin says, “innovations into care for endometriosis patients have moved at a rapid pace over the last few years, and if you live with the condition you may have already benefited from them.”

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Citizen Endo & Enigmatic Illness: A New Podcast Episode

Over on the AI Health Podcast, Columbia's Dr. Noémie Elhadad discusses tech, equity, and her latest research using artificial intelligence to advance research in endo. Dr. Elhadad also delves into how crowdsourced health information can make it easier for researchers to effectively learn about understudied conditions and efficiently collect data.

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Thank you to all our supporters who use Amazon Smile each time they shop! Haven’t selected a charity on Amazon yet? You can contribute to advancing cutting-edge endometriosis research and advocating for endo legislation by selecting EndoFound as your charity on Amazon Smile. EndoFound receives a .5% donation from all qualifying purchases and it's so easy! You must shop at smile.amazon.com in order to donate (bookmark the link here!).

Stop The Shame Cycle: Jennifer's Endo Story

In our latest endo story, Jennifer Bush has a powerful and heartfelt message to the endo community and general public: we must stop normalizing period pain, and we must stop the shame cycle. “I wish I had known how not normal it is to experience the kind of pain I was in. I wish that I had grown up in an era in which normalizing your body and all that it can experience was the norm. It is why I feel compelled to write this now.”

Jennifer's Endo Story
A New Clinical Research Trial

Can Cabergoline, a medication used to help breastfeeding women produce milk, ease endometriosis pain? Dr. Amy DiVasta is looking to find out in the NOTE (Novel Treatments for Endometriosis)-2 study offered within the Boston Center for Endometriosis. The clinical trial is still recruiting—make a difference in endometriosis research today!

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