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Why Jenna Koperski is Running the TCS New York City Marathon

There’s less than one month to go until Team EndoFound spreads endo awareness with each stride in the NYC marathon—and we’re thrilled to introduce you to some of our team members! Meet Jenna Koperski, who is in the process of getting diagnosed and is running the marathon in honor of her mother, who has endometriosis. “This means so much,” Jenna says, “because of the journey I have seen my mother go through.” Have a similar story? Help us achieve our common goal of affecting change in endometriosis care, starting today!

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Differences in Care Among Endo Patients

Jodie Hughes is not only the endometriosis researcher who founded the Endometriosis South Coast and Chair of Trustees, she is also an endo warrior and is starting her PhD at University of Roehampton London, where she’s researching the differences in care among endometriosis patients. This week on EndoTV, she speaks with Diana Falzone about how her research has uncovered how endometriosis care differs with respect to location, ethnicity, and gender.

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The Four Stages of Amrita's Endo Story

In a frank and powerful voice, Amrita Rajagopal details her 900 days lost to debilitating endometriosis pain. “I’m mad. I’m mad that it took so long to get diagnosed. I’m ridiculously mad that despite the diagnosis, it took so long to get treated. I’m so mad that even after endometriosis excision surgery, my path to recovery is yet to be charted. I’m heartbroken for all the lost life opportunities and moments in between.” Read on for Amrita’s four stages of her endo story, all told with candor and grace. 

Amrita's Story


We’re Close to Taking Endo Education Digital!
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Throughout this pandemic, we’ve been working on digitizing our renowned endometriosis education program that volunteers teach in schools. We’re so close to finalizing the digital program, and you can help! Whether you shop at the EndoFound Shop, place an order through Amazon Smile, or donate to EndoFound on our website, you can make an enormous difference in the lives of young individuals who do not know why they may be experiencing debilitating pain with their periods, and may feel extremely isolated and alone. Let’s get everyone educated, today.

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Purchase with Purpose this Fall

Browse the EndoShop for all your new-season needs. From bracelets and hoodies to soothing heatable plushies and accessories, there is something for everyone. Purchase with purpose when you support EndoFound’s programs.

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Thank you to all our supporters who use Amazon Smile each time they shop! Haven’t selected a charity on Amazon yet? You can contribute to advancing cutting-edge endometriosis research and advocating for endo legislation by selecting EndoFound as your charity on Amazon Smile. EndoFound receives a .5% donation from all qualifying purchases and it's so easy! You must shop at smile.amazon.com in order to donate (bookmark the link here!).

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