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Coming off the heels of our first End Endo 5K this weekend, we are amazed by the power of the endometriosis community. Runners from Alaska to Florida went above and beyond to raise over $15K for endometriosis research and programs. I'm incredibly grateful to Team EndoFound's commitment to and passion for elevating the narrative around this disease. Your efforts amplify the collective voices of women across the country who are calling for better diagnosis and treatment options, more research, and more information about endo. Thank you to everyone who supported our team. You can still participate by helping Team EndoFound out. Fundraising for the End Endo 5K closes on September 7th. 

October is right around the corner, and registration for EndoFound's Virtual Patient Day on October 15-18 is now live. Don't miss out on this free conference, planned by and for endometriosis patients. The weekend features doctors, patients, nutritionists, advocates, mental health professionals, and more, all talking about the latest in endometriosis care. 

Looking for more ways to advocate for endometriosis awareness? We just revamped our volunteer program, catered specifically to your skills and availability. Join us in our mission to End Endo today.

In community,
Margaret Caspler Cianci

Executive Director, EndoFound

Virtual Patient Day 2020: Register Today!

Registration is now open for our first-ever Virtual Patient Conference on October 15th-18th. Patient Day was created by patients in recognition of the patient’s voice: you know your symptoms best, and you know how to advocate for yourself and support others going through a similar journey. This year’s Patient Conference will continue to feature a diverse series of panels, keynotes, and breakout groups composed of a faculty of doctors, patients, nutritionists, advocates, and more. Join us for an informative, supportive, and educational weekend. Best of all, Patient Conference is  free! 

Register for Virtual Patient Day Conference
Team EndoFound on the Ground: Highlights from the End Endo 5K

Last weekend marked the first ever End Endo 5K and we are overwhelmed by our community’s generosity and support. Together we raised over $15K, and are still going. Team EndoFound hailed from Alaska to Florida and Canada to Texas. Whether in state parks or on routes in the shape of an ovary with growths, folks completed their 5Ks by roller skating, horseback riding, and kayaking. Parents, children, siblings, partners, pets and friends participated, some with and some in honor of individuals with endo. Read on for highlights on why these individuals got moving to End Endo, and save the date for our next End Endo 5K on November 1st! 

Highlights from the End Endo 5K
Endo Tips from Our Community

You know your body best, and you know what works for you when managing endo symptoms. Earlier this summer, we collected tips from the endo community on how to manage endometriosis pain through our weekly newsletter. We’re delighted now to share these tips in one place. If you have a tip for pain management that isn’t already included, please share via the Endo Tip Jar. The more information we collect and share, the more individuals who have endometriosis—whether preparing for their next surgery or newly diagnosed—can ease their pain and get the answers they need.

Endo Tips
Inspire Change in Your Community! EndoFound’s Volunteer Program

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve revamped our volunteer program, first launched in 2009. An EndoFound Volunteer is a passionate individual who cares deeply about those who are affected by endometriosis and is committed to making a change in their community. Involvement is tailored to each volunteer’s areas of interest, time constraints, and expertise and includes raising awareness, increasing education, supporting advocacy efforts, and participating in peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Join us today to spark lasting change in your community

Volunteer with EndoFound Today

Do you have a birthday coming up? Celebrate with EndoFound! Click here to set up your Facebook birthday fundraiser. From birthday fundraisers on Facebook to running 5Ks, you make it happen. With your help, we can continue working towards increasing endometriosis awareness, education, advocacy, and research. Thank you to everyone across the country who has fundraised in support of endometriosis!

Follow the EndoFound on social media and be the first to hear about new research, program updates, or different ways to get involved. Our platforms provide a safe and supportive environment to connect people from around the world. Please visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and give us any feedback you may have by commenting on our posts or direct messaging us!

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