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National Nonprofit Day is Monday, August 17th, a wonderful time to celebrate the critical impact that nonprofits have had around the world since the Tariff Act was signed into law in 1894. Thank you to the nonprofits across the globe who work tirelessly for the causes they serve.  

At EndoFound, our priorities are awareness, education, advocacy, and landmark research. We have been able to make strides on all fronts together—and only with your help. So, on National Nonprofit Day, I want to thank you for your support, advocacy, volunteer hours, and inspiration. Together we are changing the lives of those who have endometriosis. 
For National Nonprofit Day, get Team EndoFound to their goal of $15K to End Endo. Whether you walk, run, bike, hike, or swim, you can raise critical funds to benefit endometriosis research, advocacy, and education. Cindy Ruiz, for example, will complete her 5K at a local park in Stamford, CT. Thank you, Cindy, and everyone on Team EndoFound for working to End Endo!

Read on for more information about the rePRO film festival for women's reproductive justice, an endometriosis project by students at the University of Rochester, and a fun, educational game to destigmatize menstruation will give out as raffle prizes for Virtual Patient Day in October.

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Margaret Caspler Cianci

Executive Director, EndoFound

Endo Tip of the Week:
Epsom Salt Bath

Before attempting new pain management options, please consult your doctor to ensure your management plan fits your case. These tips are not meant to replace proper treatment.

Epsom salt baths can help to ease endo symptoms; a warm bath with Epsom salt may provide relief from pain, stress, and inflammation. Epsom salt contains magnesium which may help the body get rid of toxins that can increase inflammation, and it also can assist in reducing swelling, stiffness and pain. Run a warm (not too hot bath) and follow the directions on the back of the bag of Epsom Salt for bath tub size and type and relax. Thank you to Annie B., Nicole K., Sarah W., and Lorna H. for sending in this recommendation to our Endo Tip Jar.

How You Can Help on National Nonprofit Day

At EndoFound, we have an eleven-year history of supporting individuals with endometriosis by advocating for early diagnosis and proper treatment, spreading awareness, campaigning for period education at the federal level, educating over 38,000 students about endometriosis worldwide, and funding critical research. Endometriosis advocacy across the country couldn’t have come this far without help from passionate supporters like you, and our mission continues. There are more students to teach, doctors to properly train, bills to be passed, and patients who are googling their symptoms for the first time with little to no guidance on what endometriosis is and how to properly treat it. Help Team EndoFound get to their goal of $15K to end endo!

Donate Today
Why Cindy Ruiz is Fundraising to End Endo

Meet the top End Endo 5K fundraiser, Cindy Ruiz! Cindy is an endo patient and advocate who is fundraising to raise awareness and support each patient’s unique journey. “We often have to be our own best advocates when it comes to our medical needs,” Cindy says, “but it is also important to be advocates to spread awareness so that one day things can be different for those who live with endometriosis.” Thank you, Cindy, for your dedicated support!

Meet Cindy on Team EndoFound
TONIGHT! Believe Me It’s My Body

EndoFound is honored to be one of five selected beneficiaries of money raised from the rePRO film festival. The film festival includes EndoWhat?, Endo-O, and many other powerful films that explore women’s reproductive healthcare issues, including vaginismus, endometriosis, and birth control side effects. Don’t miss the Call-to-Action Conversation on empowering women to demand adequate services from your healthcare providers. 

Sign up for the rePRO Film Festival!
A New Endometriosis Project by University of Rochester Undergraduate Students

Meet the inspiring undergraduates at the University of Rochester who are working on an endometriosis-related project for their participation in The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition! With the guidance of Dr. Anne S. Meyer, the 12-person team is developing a novel diagnostic test that detects the presence of five biomarkers found in menstrual effluent simultaneously, which will lead to higher accuracy of diagnosis. These students’ work is vital to increasing awareness among their immediate community and students from around the world who are involved in iGEM. EndoFound's Executive Director Margaret Caspler Cianci and Research Advisor Deniz Kocas met with the team last month and are excited for the critical work they will do in reproductive care. 

Meet the UteRus Team
Introducing the Period Game!

The Period Game is an educational board game that teaches menstruation (and has spinnable ovaries)! It creates a destigmatized environment for young people to learn about periods, making them more comfortable discussing all aspects of menstruation, including any pain that could help lead to an early endo diagnosis. We’re thrilled to be giving away this critical game as one of our auction items for EndoFound’s upcoming Virtual Patient Day.

The Period Game

Do you have a birthday coming up? Celebrate with EndoFound! Click here to set up your Facebook birthday fundraiser. From birthday fundraisers on Facebook to running 5Ks, you make it happen. With your help, we can continue working towards increasing endometriosis awareness, education, advocacy, and research. Thank you to everyone across the country who has fundraised in support of endometriosis!

Follow the EndoFound on social media and be the first to hear about new research, program updates, or different ways to get involved. Our platforms provide a safe and supportive environment to connect people from around the world. Please visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and give us any feedback you may have by commenting on our posts or direct messaging us!

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