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November 2017

"Every day in every way/ve" by Rose L. Williams

Watercolor and oil paint on canvas, 2' X 3'


This image is about how it feels to battle this disease, every minute of every day for 40 years. Overwhelmed by the crashing waves but I make it to the shoreline, still capable of perceiving the stunning beauty of the ocean and life.

Rose L. Williams
Visual Artist and Expressive Art Therapist
Proud Endometriosis Warrior
Vancouver, Canada



Facebook: rosewarrior
Instagram: rose_l_williams
Website: http://ow.ly/pGIH30gl1gK
VIDA: http://ow.ly/uu8n30gl1mf
?Our e-magazine will serve as a space for artists in the endometriosis community to express their experience living with endo through different media. We are proud to support our community by featuring a new work of art in each publication. Have art you'd like to submit? Email generaladmin@endofound.org
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A Father’s Perspective on Endometriosis
A Father’s Perspective on Endometriosis
The word endometriosis had never been a part of my vocabulary; I had never heard of it as a diagnosis nor as a possible affliction neither within my own family nor in the course of normal conversation. When my adolescent daughter was experiencing periods that lasted up to two weeks and she was complaining of significant abdominal pain, enough at times to request to stay home from school, I had relied upon the information supplied by her pediatrician – that cramping was normal, and she should accept it as a normal part of being a female and to take ibuprofen for the pain. She was told repeatedly that she needed to stop complaining, to suck it up, and that she was a drama queen, that her pain couldn’t be that bad.
Endo Warrior One: An EndoFound Fundraiser
Endo Warrior One: An Endofound Fundraiser
Endofound held its first yoga event on Sunday, October 8th at Reflections Yoga Studio.
Quick Tips: Yoga Pose for Endometriosis Pain
Quick Tips: Yoga Pose for Endometriosis Pain
Did you know some women practice yoga to relieve pelvic pain? Give this pose a try!
Holiday Cheer!
EndoFound's 2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar is Near!
Mindfulness: Manage your Endometriosis Symptoms
Mindfulness: Manage your Endometriosis Symptoms
Learning to be more mindful is similar to learning a new language or how to drive – it takes time and commitment but it can add so much to your life. We all lead such busy lives but I strongly believe that twenty minutes of mindfulness a day can lessen suffering, highlight the positive in your life, and increase your sense of wellbeing.

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