Early detection and diagnosis
is the best prevention
for endometriosis
Medical Conference 2017

Dr. Oz Show Helps EFA Raise Awareness

Dr Oz Show LogoThe famed Dr. Oz Show, hosted by TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz, now features EFA's "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Alternative Therapies Overview" on the DrOz.com website!  A special guest at our 2011 Blossom Ball, Dr. Oz has spoken out about endometriosis on his show previously and took to the red carpet during this year's Ball to drive home EFA's message of early detection and encourage patients - especially teenage girls and young women - to speak openly about their symptoms without fear in order to seek the help they need. The information is featured at
//www.doctoroz.com/videos/living-well-endometriosis-what-you-can-do and