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Move for a Change

Danskin Debuts Multi-Celebrity "Move for Change" Initiative
padma lakshmi
"Danskin is a brand that we've all grown up with. It's the epitome of a strong and graceful femininity. I'm honored that they chose to support the EFA."-Padma Lakshmi

Danskin has formed the Danskin "Move for Change" initiative, a goodwill movement dedicated to the health and wellness of women and children. The movement was created to continually support organizations and programs that research, foster and fund women and children's health initiatives. Hilary Duff, Jenny McCarthy and Christie Brinkley have joined Padma in this national marketing campaign, representating women of all ages who promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Danskin proudly supports each woman's charity, including the EFA.  Learn more here!
photo © 2011 Iconix Brand Group, Inc.
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